Marco van Zomeren is a designer & music producer on a audio visual journey


While being a designer and music producer, he has the ability to look at his designs from a musician point of view and at his music from a designers perspective. He is a designer with a physical approach, whose strength lies in the concept of natural design processes, as well as that of natural patterns and structures. Through this expertise and associated organic working method, he guarantees sustainable and effective design. The results are designs that give a simple answer to small questions up to complex edge cases.


Besides his design career he is on his quest to a musical equivalent of himself through experiments with audio, which are generally characterized by pounding beats, sizzling synths and bombastic basslines, either music which is commonly described as ‘Electronic’ music. Marco is thus striving to find himself, but in the end it may well be that you as listener also are able to find yourself in his productions due to its likeminded frequency.